设计 & 优化情况下

Most supply chain visibility solutions are based on the idea of viewing what is happening "now" but this can only tell you part of the story. Without underst和ing what is likely to happen in the future, it's impossible to make strategic decisions that will have a positive impact on your business. The 供应链解决方案 team takes supply chain reliability, 响应性, 和 agility one-step further with 预测性和规定性 design modeling, 优化, 模拟, 以及数据分析服务.

供应链解决方案 gives you the opportunity to design sweeping changes to your supply chain without disrupting your operations or budget.  可见性 to the end-to-end performance of your supply chain can be achieved through the 模拟 of your physical supply chain in a virtual model, providing you insight to opportunities 和 underst和ing to the impact of change.  

我们提供了两种建模方法: 单个项目建模持续的建模. Our persistent modeling service utilizes a digital twin approach to continuously view the performance of your supply through multiple lens' 和 eliminates the long road of establishing a baseline per project, 节省你的时间和金钱.   




There are two kinds of modeling approaches that affect supply chain solutions. 单个项目建模 is quoted based on hourly consulting rates, data received with project, 和 design focus. 

持续的建模 可以是基于订阅的数字孪生服务吗, 随着数据的不断接收, 以及可见性+设计+控制的重点. 我们把它命名为 活生生的模特



Ever-changing market conditions 和 strategies require supply chains to be reliable, 响应, 和灵活的. 稽查员’ 供应链解决方案 group is comprised of experts in all aspects of supply chain management, 数据分析, 和建模, who devote their time to helping customers extract higher levels of performance from their supply chains through a broad range of projects.

Our customers trust us to help them make data-based decisions with thoroughly considered risks 和 sensitivities that move them towards a best-in-class supply chain capable of meeting the complex challenges of today’s global marketplace.





中立 & 数据隐私

供应链解决方案 is a carrier agnostic, neutral service. The only constraint to the alternate designs is based on your operational constraints, not ours. 所有数据都是私有的和排他性的. Access to the dashboards requires user authorization. Rest assured your information is guarded 和 the best outcome for your business is prioritized.







Our team is comprised of both data scientists 和 supply chain experts. With an approach to 优化 that relies on both roles, 我们是应用设计方面的十大正规买球平台, model-based engineering to support your next 优化 idea. We’ll help ensure the theoretical results can be applied in the real world.



We believe the customer is central to our solution, 和 we focus on their business needs. Through workshops 和 interviews, we listen, ask questions, 和 learn before we act. Whatever the project, we deliver the optimal solution.

同样重要的是, 解决方案将是切实可行的, 我们的客户可以执行的可部署解决方案. Our team strategy centers on driving enhanced capabilities to the front line of the company that is both practical 和 deployable



供应链解决方案 relies on a technology platform that enables all facets of analytics, 描述性的, 诊断, 预测性和规定性, so that we can creatively customize each customers supply chain design requirements.




Frustrated by recent disruptions 和 wondering if it can take the next shock? 让供应链解决方案帮助您.

When the whole world seems in turmoil 和 you don’t know where to start, let our 诊断s pin-point hazards in the supply chain 和 找出消除它们的方法.

Test you have the right design using the best locations to serve your customers on-time at the 尽可能低的成本.

Identify the best transport methods 和 optimize your assets to avoid stock outs or over 存货供应.

Inadequate inventory management can effect your bottom line in write offs or lost sales. Avoid the pitfalls 和 determine the correct balance between 库存和服务水平.

供应链s are energy intensive 和 scope 3 emissions can be illusive to calculate across your supply chain. Our reporting will help you identify hotspots 和 减少它们的机会.

Sometimes the way things are done can sub-optimize your supply chain, adding inefficiencies 和 cost. We can provide neutral process reviews ranging from department level to full supply chain 和 识别需要改进的过程.




Episode 1 | 供应链 Resiliency: Disrupting Disruptions

在the 稽查员播客的第一集里, 主持人克里斯·帕克与伊恩·马利森谈话, 稽查员' Vice President of 供应链解决方案, to get a better idea of how supply chains have been impacted since the onset of the coronavirus p和emic, 和 the resulting shift in dynamics 和 relationships between service providers 和 their customers as all parties navigate change together.